Slam Program

Our Model

Offers Music Instruction in Middle and High Schools

SLAM! targets underserved schools that have lost music programs to budget cuts and offers a variety of weekly music classes including Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Voice, Songwriting, Music Production, and Rock Band at each partner school. In contrast to a classical approach to learning music, our classes prioritize contemporary repertoires, small group instruction, and immediate instrumental accessibility.

Facilitates Professional Development For Aspiring Educators

Through our music mentorship model, SLAM! volunteers receive extensive coaching in lesson planning, group facilitation, and public speaking. Many volunteers start off with minimal teaching experience and SLAM! creates a safe space for them to identify their teaching style and build skills to support their development as teaching professionals.

Provides Leadership Opportunities For College Students

Each SLAM! university chapter, matched with as many as five nearby schools, is equipped with a student Leadership Board that is responsible for managing all chapter operations. SLAM! student board officers oversee the volunteer recruitment process, secure university sponsorship, manage marketing and media platforms, and organize performances and meetings on campus.